Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards - 2016/2017


Dear applicant,

Welcome to the online application system for BEA Scholarship Awards 2016-2017. Please supply a valid email address and password on the "CREATE ACCOUNT" form to register. If you have registered, you can access the application form using the same email and password through the "Log In" form.

Please note that you are to fill out and save your information on each of the sections on the form one after the other.

You can go back to any of the sections to edit your information and save again as much as may be necessary before submitting your application on the last section of the form.

Be informed that all asteric ( * ) fields are compulsory.

You can navigate through the form using the "section links" on the left side of the form or via the "Previous" and "Next" links on both the top and botttom of the form.

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